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The Eclipse Line of LAB Tables come in fixed heights of 30″ and 36″ with the tops included; table tops are typically 1″ thick in the laboratory environment. These tables are provided with the frame only allowing you to choose from a broad selection of specialty table tops.

  • Table beams are 3″ high
  • Spacer rails are 4″ tall and drawer aprons are 4.5″ tall
  • C-Channel Shape formed at each end with attachments
  • H-Leg Design with 16 gauge 2″ x 2″ tubing, with a 16 gauge spreader welding both legs together
  • Each leg as 5-16/18 levelers with 1-3/4″ diameter nylon base.
  • Adjustable Height uses leg extenders, height adjustable from 30" to 36" in 2-inch increments.


Standard Lengths: 48″, 60″, 72″, 96″
Standard Depths: 24″, 30″, 36″
Table Top Height: 30″ to 36″

Maximum Load: 1500 lbs.

Treston IAC LLC' products are warranted to the original user to be free from defects in design, material and worksmanship, given normal use and care, for a period of ten (10) years of single shift service, from the date of purchase.

With the exceptions noted below, Treston IAC LLC, at its option, will repair or replace any product or part thereof which fails as a result of such defect during the following warranty periods. (Pro-rated for multi-shift use.)

All Treston IAC LLC' products (except as noted) ...Ten years Operating components, functional mechanisms, high-wear parts such as chair pneumatic cylinders and casters ...Five years Wood or wood/metal framed products..Two years Textiles, covering materials, foam, finishes, exposed wood, fabrics, laminated electrical components, and bench height adjustment cylinders...One Year.

Exclusion - HEPA filters (All HEPA filters are inspected, installed and tested at the factory and are certified to meet Federal Standar 209E)

This warranty is limited to the replacement and/or repair only, of such defective part(s) authorized in writing to be returned to Treston IAC LLC with transportation charges and costs prepaid by the purchaser, and provided that examination by Treston IAC LLC discloses such defect. In no way shall Treston IAC LLC be responsible for any damage caused by the carrier, abuse, negligence, misuse, user modifications, or customer's material. Treston IAC LLC does not warrant the matching of color, grain, or texture.

Accessories, component parts, and laminates not manufactured by Treston IAC LLC are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty.

Treston IAC LLC will not accept unauthorized charges for expenses (i.e. labor and freight) incurred by the customer. Products which have been repaired or altered by anyone other than Treston IAC LLC; or without Treston IAC LLC' written authorization; or in Treston IAC LLC' judgement have been subject to misuse, neglect, or accident; or use outside specifications by purchases; or others are excluded from this warranty.

This warranty is in lieu of any other expressed or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and of any other obligations or liability on the part of Treston IAC LLC.

Treston IAC LLC is committed to delivering the highest quality products that give our customers the greatest long-term value, including a lower total cost of ownership.

Total Cost of Ownership is a vital factor to consider whenever a captial investment is made. TCO takes into account more than just the purchase price. It also includes the "hidden costs" that are part of every purchase, including:


Industrial workbenches that deliver years of dependable service are less expensive in the long run then those that must be replaced regularly because they can't withstand operational rigors.


Trouble-free dependable workbenches pay for themselves faster than those that incur large or constant expenses associated with maintenance crews, replacement parts and lost work hours.


Industrial workbenches that offer a smooth upgrade path avoid becoming obsolete as requirements grow and/or change. This in turn provides a higher return on investment (ROI).


"One size fits all" is no longer acceptable in today's world where rising Workers' Compensation expenses and lost production hours can wreak havoc on anyone's bottom line.


The long-term value that high quality offers is evidenced in lower maintenance/replacement costs, higher worker morale and greater overall efficiency and productivity.

When all these factors are taken into account, it becomes easier to see how Treston IAC differs from the competition.

Treston IAC manufactures 100% of our products in our own facility where all processes meet or exceed industry specifications for quality. Our key design, manufacturing and customer service management represents more than 70 years combined experience in the workstation industry. And the majority of our production employees have been with the company for 15 years or more. All bring a craftsman's pride to the manufacture of Treston IAC's workstations and workbenches.

Treston IAC's manufacturing facility meets Class A specifications, with in-house operations for sheet metal fabrication using dedicated tooling, frame welding, laminating and finish, and a state-of-the-art powder paint bay. Continuous inspection and written procedures for every operation assure that high quality control standards are met at every stage of manufacturing. Whether selecting standard or customized models, Treston IAC workstations offer the best value now and for years to come.

Casework Construction

  1. Eclipse cabinets are all steel with flush, inset front construction.
    • Cabinets are welded to provide interchangeable doors and drawers
  2. Eclipse Base cabinets – MIG gas welding is applied to the sides, bottom, back and front; gas welded front corners and ground to create a smooth surface for paint application.
  3. Base cabinets include removable back panels to access plumbing or other installation required MEP.
    • Back panels can be removed from the front of the cabinet
  4. Bottom of base cabinets include access holes (with caps) for access to levelers.
    • Toe Kick Dimensions = 4.5″ high x 2.9″ deep
  1. Double width cabinets = 2″ wide center upright; screwed into place allowing for increased adaptability.
    • Exception = open cabinets do not include a 2″ wide center beam
  2. Cabinet Doors are double pan construction with inside panel fastened to the outside door panel using screws to create one integral piece. Expanding spray foam is applied as sound deadening between the door front and the door back panel.
  3. Adjustable Shelves are formed with flanges on all sides with returns on front and back of shelf. Eclipse shelves are made of 16 gauge cold rolled steel.

Drawer Construction

  1. Constructed with two sub-assemblies – drawer body, drawer back and inside front are one single piece – the second piece being the drawer front.
  2. The drawer front is fastened to the drawer body using sheet metal screws for easy adjustment and alignment.
  3. Expanding spray foam is applied as sound deadening material between drawer front and drawer body front.
  4. Standard drawers have aluminum wire door pulls.

Knee Space Panels and Fillers

  • All panels and fillers are fabricated from 20 gauge cold rolled steel.
    • Unless design specifications require a thicker gauge
  • Typically mounting flanges on all panels and fillers are 1″.
  • Knee Space panels accommodate the width of the opening and are formed with mounting flanges. Panels are constructed in various standard heights to fit different openings.
  • Front base fillers are constructed with 4.5″ high x 2.9″ deep to space at the bottom to replicate base cabinet profile.
    • Rear base fillers are constructed the same way but without toe space
  • Corner toe space fillers are 4.5″ x 4.5″ high to close toe space area between base cabinets in 90 degree corners.

Lab Tables/Benches


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