Case Studies

Abbott Medical Optics Assembles a Modern Lab for Support of Its Latest Laser Eye Care System

The purpose of the following article is to provide a case study of the steps involved in furnishing a modern assembly lab, and to provide an enlightening roadmap for those faced with similar requirements.

Anatomy of a Modern Lab Install

As a laboratory manager, owner or designer you are likely in the process of building a new lab or revamping one, thinking about it, or about to have the need forced upon you. Laboratory design is now going through the most notable rethinking in the last half-century.

How to Outfit a Dynamic Lab in Flux

Imagine yourself as a startup company. As part of your preliminary business plan you determine the need for a productive analytical laboratory in order to thrive as a leader among your business sector. You then discover during your projections that there will be a need to expand your real estate and working area within a year or two. After five years of developing the science behind their KinetiSol® technology and bringing their product to market, DisperSol Technologies found themselves in this exact situation.

Modern Labs Go Modular

A nineteenth century scientist would feel at home in many of today's labs. The layouts, structure and furnishings are still fairly similar to those of a hundred years ago. In all fairness, up until recently there has been neither a need nor an alternative for a change in the status quo. That is beginning to change now as lab managers discover the versatility of modular workstations.

UC Davis Selects Treston IAC LAN Stations for Cognitive Neuroscience Research Labs

The average brain is just 1400cc, yet houses 100 billion neurons. So it's not surprising that a laboratory delving into the complexities of the brain would need to pack a lot of 'smarts' into a similarly compact area. In organizing 4 new research labs at the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis, Systems Administrator, Jeremy Smith, was faced with this challenge.